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The Housing Opportunities Program (HOP) of Independence Northwest assists persons and families to sustain affordable housing.

It is one of the many services we offer to people with disabilities living in the northwest corner of Connecticut. Through independent living skills, case management, peer counseling, and the development of an independent living plan, consumers are empowered to overcome obstacles to independent living and create their own future. Program participants or consumers control all aspects of the services for which they are eligible. Individuals and families work closely with the Housing Coordinators (HC) to obtain and maintain housing through assistance with entitlements, employment, applications to various offerings through local housing authorities, or other solutions. By providing economic relief through housing assistance, HOP allows persons to achieve long-term goals that may not be possible without housing support services. It is the responsibility of the consumer to develop these goals and work with the HC to complete the steps toward achievement of their goals. It is the primary mission of the HOP to improve the quality of consumers' lives and the consumers overall capacity for independent living.

Housing Opportunities provides rental subsidies to eligible consumers typically for a period of 12-36 months. Rental subsidies will be based upon the gross household income. Consumers are required to pay rent in the amount that is 30% of the gross monthly household income. Adjustments to the gross monthly income will be offered to consumers who qualify. Consumers must provide documentation of the gross household income and documentation for any allowable deductions offered by the program. Rental subsidy checks will be mailed directly to the landlord one week before the first of the month. All units subsidized by this program must be inspected prior to occupancy, and annually thereafter to insure that each unit meets the Federal Housing Quality Standards.

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